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Classroom Rules


  • Have fun

  • Create a learning environment for yourself free of disruptions and distractions

  • Be on time, ready to start class at the scheduled start time.  This will require you to be logged on and ready a few minutes before the scheduled start time. 

  • If you miss attendance at the beginning of class you will need to send an email to timestamp your arrival.  


  • Video cameras should be turned on and the student will be active throughout the class

  • Raise your hand or post your question in the virtual chatroom

  • Mute your microphone until called upon

  • Do not speak over others

  • Be engaged and interact when instructed to do so


  • Come prepared for class

  • Bring your book, homework, a pad of paper, writing utensils, and anything the instructors tell you will be needed for class.


  • Attendance is mandatory for individuals enrolled in the apprenticeship program. 

  • Calling in sick - all apprentices are required to report their absence to their instructor as soon as possible.  To report an absence call the instructor and follow up the notice with an email to the instructor and Suzana.  

  • Failure to meet the classroom requirements may result in; a delay of your advancement to the next level of the program, a delay in merit increases, and possible disciplinary actions up to and including termination from the program and/or your employment. 


  • All breaks will be managed by the instructor and communicated at the beginning of the class.  

  • Bio-breaks, please manage your own comfort level.  If you need to go to the restroom, please do so and return to class without disrupting the class.  

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Male Teacher
Student in Library
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