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2020 Benefit Resources


Please see the links below for recordings of the benefit information meetings.  Please reach out to Nick Lewman or Margo DeRoche with questions. and or

Resources include:


We also have a cost calculator tool from Lively (HSA Administrator) that can help you calculate your 2021 plan costs based on your plan elections and anticipated plan use.  We are able to walk through this calculator with any of you before and during the Open Enrollment period.  Please reach out to Margo via email or MSTeams to schedule a time to do this if you’d like to walk through this.


We are working on pulling together a Q&A Sheet of questions received and answered and will have this out to everyone tomorrow by end of business.


As a reminder, our open enrollment opens on Wednesday, December 9th, and closes on December 16th.  We will continue to remind everyone of these important dates to ensure everyone has an opportunity to review resources, have any questions answered, and make their elections before the Open Enrollment window closes. 


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